zpBootstrap is a « Responsive » theme for Zenphoto.

As mentioned in a old post, using a SmartPhone, I see the benefits of a photo gallery that fits the media.

After much searching on the net and a lot of tests on the various existing tools, I focused on Bootstrap, a framework that allowed me to build this new theme.

It automatically adapts to different screen widths ranging from smartphones to large screens, through the tablet screens.

Feel free to download and use it, and thanks in advance for your feedback!


- Updated on 04/27/2020:

the zpBootstrap 2.3 release is now avaliable for Zenphoto 1.5.6 (and more).

zpBootstrap is now hosted on GitHub .
You can report bugs on the Zenphoto forum  or create an issue on GitHub, I will fix it as soon as possible (only the latest version is supported). You can also improve theme via Pull requests.

Please note that the Zenphoto team advise to regulary upgrade its site with the latest version of Zenphoto to benefit from the latest features of the application, to solve the various security holes, and to benefit from the support of the Zenphoto team.