zpArdoise 1.4.14 – a Zenphoto theme

zpArdoise is a theme for Zenphoto, inherited from fisrt release of zpGalleriffic theme.

Important: To use the release 1.4.14 of the theme, you should have Zenphoto 1.4.14 or more.
If you use another release of Zenphoto, see Archives of zpArdoise.

You can report bugs on the Zenphoto forum or create an issue on GitHub, I will fix it as soon as possible (only the latest version is supported).
You can also improve theme via Pull requests.

Please note that the Zenphoto team advise to regulary upgrade its site with the latest version of Zenphoto to benefit from the latest features of the application, to solve the various security holes, and to benefit from the support of the Zenphoto team.


The theme supports the following Zenphoto plugins:

  • cacheManager, colorbox, comment_form, contact_form, dynamic-locale, favoritesHandler, federated_logon, flag_thumbnail, GoogleMap, image_album_statistics, print_album_menu, rating, register_user, RSS, slideshow (only colorbox option), user_login-out, zenpage

Additional scripts used:

Major improvements of 1.4.14 release

  • Use new options to manage manage ZP_NEWS_ENABLED and ZP_PAGES_ENABLED values
  • Code cleaning to be consitant with core themes structure (read changelog.txt)
  • Fix some issues (read changelog.txt)


  1. Upload the zip file to your computer
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file locally, and upload the zpArdoise/ folder to the directory /themes/ of your Zenphoto site
  3. In Zenphoto administration, go to the Themes tab and activate the zpArdoise theme
  4. Navigate to Options>Theme to view and configure the available options for zpArdoise
  5. If you use an older version of the theme, purge image cache to regenerate it with new sizes of thumbnails and images


  1. You can customize the header image by placing images 900 px wide (900 px - 120 px for example) in the directory /themes/zpArdoise/images/, and configure your header in Options>Theme
  2. You can use the script Galleriffic (presentation script of images).
  3. You can use the RSS icon provided by copying the file /themes/zpArdoise/images/rss.gif in the directory /zp-core/images/


  1. If you use Galleriffic script, you should not have any albums that mixes sub-albums and pictures (in this case, there is no navigation bars, so all sub-albums may be not displayed on album.php)

Demo site

Creation and maintenance of themes and plugins take a lot of time.
Thanks to donate to help zpArdoise.