- version 2.0.3 of the plugin is for Zenphoto versions greater than or equal to 1.4.4
- if you use another release of Zenphoto, see archives of Akismet on Github.

Plugin for Zenphoto, based on php5 Akismet class.
Each comment entered by visitor is sent to the Akismet server,and after analysis, the server returns whether the message is spam or not.
The comment is then published, moderate or rejected automatically...

Improvements of 2.0.3 release

  • Rewrite of the plugin to be compliant with Zenphoto plugin architecture
  • Adding a logo for Zenphoto admin pages 


  1. Download and unzip the file on your computer
  2. Export all files in the /plugin directory of your Zenphoto site
  3. In the admin of Zenphoto, go to plugins > spam and activate akismet plugin
  4. Go to Akismet website to register and get a free key
  5. Go to options > plugin > akismet and provide your valide key
  6. You can configure "forgive" option (suspected spam are marked for moderation)


You can check if the plugin is correctly configured on your website by sending a comment with the author "viagra-test-123".
Akismet always detect this comment as a spam.




Creation and maintenance of themes and plugins take a lot of time.
Thanks to donate to help akismet plugin.