You can find the new Map page on my site, displaying all geo-localized pictures of my gallery.

With this map, I propose a new way to discover the places visited during various trips, hiking...


Edit (09/01/2014):
Some people have asked me how to create a page with all the geotagged images of the gallery.
Rather than respond to each request, I give you my recipe to do that:

  1. you have to use Zenphoto 1.4.6 (or more) that can do research on non-empty fields, and enable googleMap plugin
  2. in the administration pages, in options > search tab, select "longitude" and "latitude" in the list of fields that may be used
  3. in your gallery page, create a new research solely on these "longitude" and "latitude" fields, entering the search criteria  
    (star character, meaning non-empty)
  4. with search result, from menu "create album" of admin panel, create a dynamic album and name it as you want ("images-localisees" in my example) and choose to see only published images: criteria of dynamic album have to look like this:
  5. create a new page and enter the following code in the code block 1 (this code is adapted to the zpArdoise theme, feel free to suit your personal needs):
    $album = newAlbum("images-localisees.alb");
    if (is_object($album)) {
    <div id="map">
    <?php printGoogleMap(NULL, NULL, 'show', $album);?>

That's all folks !