When I am on holidays or hiking, I often have a GPS with me, what then allows me of geo-reference my photos.

Some time ago, I installed the Googlemap plugin for Zenphoto, to allow visitors to view my photos on a map.

The existing plugin had some minor flaws (the main one being not able to see several pictures located in the same place).

After some discussion with the team Zenphoto, I decided to re-write the plugin, using various tools found on the Net.

This new version of the plugin will be implemented in release Zenphoto 1.4.5 and will provide the following improvements:

  • Allows the "clustering" : grouping many pictures to improve navigation on the map
  • Allows viewing very close images (similar function to Panoramio in Google Earth)
  • Provides a stylized pop-up: displays the title and description of the image and a thumbnail with fixed size
  • Improves the management of pop-up (automatic closing when switching from one image to another,...)

I hope these new features bring to you extra comfort. I wish you a good use of this new version of the plugin.