Like many other, I'm invaded by all kinds of spams. It asks me unnecessary job of moderation compared to « real » comments posted.

After some research on the net, I decided to create a plugin for Zenphoto, based on Akismet, and compatible with php5 (a plugin Akismet already existed, but based on php4 code).

The principle is very simple:
Each comment entered by visitor is sent to the Akismet server, and after analysis, the server returns whether the message is spam or not!
The comment is then published, moderate or rejected automatically...

- version 2.0.3 of the plugin is for Zenphoto versions greater than or equal to 1.4.4


- Mise à jour du 04/10/2017 :
i-feel-dirty is now hosted on GitHub.
You can report bugs on the Zenphoto forum or create an issue on GitHub, I will fix it as soon as possible (only the latest version is supported). You can also improve code via Pull requests.